My Favorite Credit Card Combo Right Now

While I am always looking out for new credit card offers and signup bonuses to earn, I’m currently taking it easy and focusing on the cards I have. This is partly because I haven’t seen a lot of new offers that I’m eligible for, but it’s also because I have a pretty good strategy in place.

While we have quite a few credit cards that we use for various purchases, I’m currently putting the bulk of our family’s spending on three cards — the Chase Sapphire Reserve, The Ink Business Preferred Credit Card, and the Chase Freedom.

Chase Freedom

I almost always get some value from the Chase Freedom’s 5% back earning categories, but this quarter’s options are working well for my spending. In April through June of this year, categories include grocery stores and home improvement stores. While I almost never visit the grocery store thanks to Instacart, I’ve been working on my yard now that spring is here. I used my Chase Freedom to earn 5x points on all my plants thus far, as well as new pots for my backyard, vegetables for my garden, potting soil, grass seed, and other outdoor purchases I planned to make anyway.

My husband also bought a new toilet and a replacement shower head for our guest bathroom at Lowe’s, so I earned 5x points on those purchases, too.

Chase Sapphire Reserve

I normally use my Chase Sapphire Reserve card for all our travel and dining purchases, although I have been known to use it for regular purchases that only earn 1% back as well. Sometimes I’m too lazy to whip out another card with a better return on regular spending (like my beloved Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard, for example), but I also just really love earning Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

Ink Business Preferred

Finally, we really do make the most of the Ink Business Preferred credit card we have. We use it to earn 3x points in popular business categories we spend a lot in, including online advertising, shipping, and travel. We also use this card for our regular business purchases since we love racking up Chase Ultimate Rewards — and because we like to keep our business finances as simple as possible.

Why I Love This Credit Card Combination

The best part about using these three credit cards is the fact that I can pool all our points in my Chase Sapphire Reserve account. This lets me book excursions and other travel through the Chase portal with 50% more travel for free. I also pool our points in one account because it’s fun to watch them add up — and for easy point transfers to our favorite partners like Air France and Southwest.

What combination of credit cards are you using right now? Why?


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