5 Amazing Priority Pass Lounges You Have to Visit

Are you one of those people who has a credit card with Priority Pass access and wondering what you’re missing out on? After all, based on all the hype out there about the Centurion Lounges, is anything in the Priority Pass portfolio worth checking out? The answer is a resounding “yes!” Priority Pass just announced the winners of their annual Global Airport Lounge of the Year Awards. Yes, it’s a ranking of Priority Pass lounges created by Priority Pass. As good an authority as any other, considering their primary objective is to convey the value of Priority Pass membership. Here are their rankings of the best Priority Pass lounges you have to visit if you’re a member:

Lounge of the Year: Sala VIP Internacional at Quito Airport

The Sala VIP Internacional lounge at Quito Airport wins the prize for the overall best lounge. That’s pretty impressive, considering it beat lounges in the Middle East – which are known for their extravagance. So what does the Sala VIP Internacional lounge offer that puts it above the rest?

The recently remodeled lounge offers a relaxing atmosphere with a new nature-inspired decor featuring locally-sourced furniture (though most of it looks identical to items from West Elm). Guests can enjoy the extensive menu designed by chef Andrés Miño and wine from the private cellar at the lauded outdoor terrace with views of Quito. Indoors, there is access to a massage room, showers, sleeping areas, and private working spaces for the workaholics. The Sala VIP Internacional lounge gets high marks for both service and ambiance.

Asia Pacific: Miracle First Class Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport

The top vote for Priority Pass airport lounge in Asia Pacific goes to Miracle First Class Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The lounge gets high marks for its open kitchen, where guests can watch the chef prepare their food with exceptional showmanship. The lounge also features private showers with luxury bath amenities.

Europe: Primeclass Riga Business Lounge at Riga International Airport

The Primeclass Riga Business Lounge at Riga International Airport wins the Europe category. While it leaves something to be desired aesthetically, the Primeclass Riga Business Lounge will win over guests with a great place for plane-spotting, a conference room and showers. Personally, I think there might be better options in Europe but Priority Pass gave the honor to Primeclass Riga Business Lounge. So it’s worth checking out if you’re traveling through Riga International Airport.

North America: Lounge 19 at Benito Juarez International Airport

Lounge 19 at Benito Juarez International Airport takes the top spot in North America. What makes Lounge 19 so unique isn’t its minimalistic, yet warm design and world-class chef. It’s the in-house sommelier and extensive wine list, which is quite unique for an airport lounge. Art aficionados will also appreciate the in-house art gallery featuring the work of Karla de Lara.

Middle East: Ahlan Lounge at Dubai International Airport

The Middle East is home to some swanky lounges and the Ahlan Lounge at Dubai International Airport wins the top honor from Priority Pass. With cozy seating areas, open ceiling, world-class food and massage chairs, the Ahlan Lounge is the perfect place to hang out at Dubai International Airport. The Marhaba Lounge gets an honorable mention and take it from me, it’s pretty incredible and has an insane food spread.

These are some great Priority Pass lounges worth visiting on your next trip to one of these great cities. Hopefully, this annual award will motivate other Priority Lounges to step up their game and improve on their offerings. I also want to hear from you all.

Have you tried any of these Priority Pass Lounges? What are your picks for the top 5?


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