4 Things I Loved About the MSC Seaside

Over spring break, my husband and I took our kids and my parents for a cruise on the MSC Seaside out of Miami. We booked a balcony cabin on the 15th floor, and we had an awesome time! Our cruise set us back almost $2,500, and we got a free “Drinks On Us” package to boot. I would absolutely cruise the MSC Seaside again. Here are four reasons why:

1. Kids ages 11 and under cruise free on some MSC itineraries.

Part of the reason we were able to get a balcony cabin over spring break for $2,500 total is the fact that kids under the age of 11 cruise free on the itinerary I chose. Due to this perk, we only had to pay government taxes and fees for our kids to cruise. That made a huge difference in the price we paid, and ultimately, that was why we opted for a balcony cabins instead of an inside room.

2. The waterpark was amazing.

The MSC Seaside has an enormous waterpark that sits right next to the indoor “jungle pool.” And this isn’t just a dinky waterpark with a few slides! The MSC park has several huge waterslides that are big enough for even adults to enjoy, and they even have slides with floats that hold two people. You’ll also find a splash park for kids with a small children’s pool. My kids are 8 and 10 and they absolutely loved the pool on the MSC Seaside!

3. The MSC Seaside has great dining options.

While the buffet food on the MSC Seaside was just “good” as normal, I think the ship has really stepped up its options in its specialty dining rooms. Specifically, we thought the food at the Asian Market by Roy Yamaguchi was spectacular. We also ate dinner at the Butcher’s Cut restaurant with my parents, and it was good. The best part about dining on the ship is the fact that you could find food almost 24 hours a day. Even during weird hours like 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. or late night, you could always get basics like pizza in the main buffet.

4. Our balcony cabin had a couch that turned into bunk beds.

Finally, we loved our balcony cabin on the MSC Seaside. Not only was it spacious, but we loved the way it was set up for families. Instead of a fold-out couch that inevitably takes up floor space, our balcony cabin had a couch that turned into bunk beds. We loved this feature because it made our room seem much bigger. The bunk beds also didn’t need to be “put away” every day, so there was less hassle involved overall.

The Bottom Line

If you’re considering a cruise on the MSC Seaside, make sure to sign up for their newsletter so you get access to the best deals. Also consider their status match program, which will match you to a similar hotel or cruise line status you already have. As an example, I was able to match to MSC Black status with my Hilton Diamond status.

Also, make sure you pick up a credit card that lets you redeem points for cruises. The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard is a smart option since you earn 70,000 miles after you spend $5,000 within 90 days. This card lets you redeem miles for any travel expense over $100 (10,000 points), so it’s perfect for helping families save money on their cruise fare.

Have you ever cruised with MSC Cruises? Why or why not?

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