3 Credit Cards With Annual Fees I Don’t Mind Paying

If you’ve been earning points and miles for a while, you already know that most of the top travel rewards credit cards charge an annual fee. While these fees are never welcome, they’re also a necessary evil. After all, some of the best travel credit cards off perks that can be worth thousands of dollars per year.

On a personal level, I don’t mind paying annual fees provided I get plenty of value in return. And since I travel around four months of the year, it’s not that difficult for me to get a lot of bang for my buck with a handful of travel credit cards.

While not all fees are worth it, some absolutely are. Here are the credit cards I don’t mind paying for.

1. Chase Sapphire Reserve

I love my Chase Sapphire Reserve card because it lets me earn 3 points per $1 spent on travel and dining and 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases. I also get a $300 annual travel credit, a Priority Pass Select membership, a Global Entry or TSA Precheck credit, and plenty of other perks.

There’s a $450 annual fee, but it’s well worth it considering the benefits I get — and since I can use Chase Ultimate Rewards points so many different ways.

2. Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard

The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard has been a real winner for me over the years. Since this card gives you 2x miles for each dollar you spend, it’s a solid option to use for all your regular purchases. I personally used this credit card to pay off my house (by funneling my payments through Plastiq.com) to earn $2,000 in travel rewards a few years ago.

I love this card because it lets you redeem your miles for any travel purchase of $100 (10,000 points) or more. There’s a $89 annual fee after the first year, but I gladly pay it.

3. Hilton Aspire from American Express

I love my Hilton Aspire credit card because it comes with a $250 annual resort credit, a $250 annual airline credit, a free weekend night, Priority Pass Select membership, automatic Hilton Diamond status, and a handful of other perks. New cardholders also get a huge signup bonus for meeting a minimum spending requirement.

There’s a $450 annual fee, but it’s well worth it if you use all the benefits. After all, the resort credit and airline credit add up to $500 alone!

The Bottom Line

While some credit cards charge annual fees that aren’t warranted at all, others offer a ton of value that make paying the fee well worth it. Before you shy away from a rewards card that charges an annual fee, it helps to make a list of the perks and how much they’re worth in your eyes. If you travel often and know you can make use of all your card’s benefits, you may find that paying an annual fee can even help you save money in the end.

Which credit cards do you pay the annual fee for each year? Why?


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