10-day Itinerary in Spain: Touring Barcelona, Seville & Madrid, with budget tips

You’ve got a bit more than a week to spend in Spain? Lucky you! As a resident of Barcelona, I’m of course tempted to say that you could easily spend the whole time in my city, but most visitors try to see more of Spain than just the northeastern corner when they come.

Indeed, you’ve not quite seen Spain if you’ve only been to Barcelona. Many tourists come here and ask where they can find the following: bullfights, flamenco and sangria. In Barcelona bullfighting has been banned. It’s not part of the Catalan culture, and neither is flamenco for that matter.

Can you see a flamenco show in Barcelona? Oh yeah. And go for it, but keep in mind that it’s from the south of Spain, and you should head to Seville if you’re truly interested in experiencing “real” flamenco. In fact, why not travel to Madrid too, one of the finest cities in the world.

So with an average, 10-day vacation, where should you go in Spain? There are many itinerary combinations you could concoct, but here is one suggestion that includes highlights of things to see and do along the way:


Famous architecture by Gaudi is a must-see on any trip to Barcelona. Photo: Regina W Bryan

Days 1, 2, 3: Start in Barcelona

I recommend starting your journey in Barcelona. While here, don’t miss:

Gaudi architecture is everywhere you look, but don’t miss the famous cathedral La Sagrada Família or Parc Güell.

Get a sip of Catalan cava, reds and whites at fun wine bars.

Taste local Catalan delicacies at these affordable restaurants, cafes and tapas bars.

Stroll down Las Ramblas and explore La Boqueria, Barcelona’s famous food market.

See a concert at the Palau de la Música

Take a lovely stroll (or even swim!) along Barcelona’s many beautiful beaches.

Check out one of the city’s best neighborhoods, El Born, a trendy and historic place to explore.

• Wander through the historic streets of the Gothic Quarter.

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Seville, the beautiful heart of Andalusia, is just a short plane ride away from Barcelona. Photo: James Forsyth

Days 4, 5, 6: Explore Seville

To save time, hop on a cheapo flight from Barcelona to Seville that takes less than two hours. The train can take more than five hours.


Take in the difference in climate and vibe. Seville is much smaller and quieter than Barcelona and less overwhelming. It’s a nice change of pace.

Eat delicious and cheap tapas in the plethora of bars all over town. The low prices in Seville restaurants will make Cheapos very happy.

Get on the train for a 45-minute ride to Córdoba to tour La Mezquita (now the city’s cathedral). Prepare to have your socks knocked right off.

Drink sherry, which is a delicious fortified wine produced in Andalusia.

Gawk at the architecture of the Real Alcázar.

See a flamenco show for free (or at least the price of a drink). and visit the flamenco museum. Ask around to avoid touristy spots.

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Madrid is a quick ride from Barcelona thanks to frequent express trains. Photo: Regina W Bryan

Madrid is a quick ride from Barcelona thanks to frequent express trains. Photo: Regina W Bryan

Days 7, 8: Explore Madrid

Take the Ave fast train to Madrid for a quick 2 hour and 30-minute journey.


Madrileños know how to have fun, so check out the nightlife scene, said to be the best in Spain. Whether you like bar hopping or live music and cinema, there’s something for everyone. Here are some tips for a great night on the town.

Madrid’s museums are among the best in the country. Check out the Prado, Reina Sofia or Thyssen-Bornemisza that all offer free and reduced admission times.

Sample traditional foods and drinks of Madrid at our favorite local restaurants or a tasty tapas tour.

 • See a bullfight, if that’s your bag. Madrid is a good place to experience it.

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Day 9, 10: Back to Barcelona

Train: Getting from Madrid back to Barcelona is easy. You can take the Ave fast train from Atocha Station to Barcelona is less than 3 hours.

Flying: You might be able to find a flight that’s cheaper than the train, but in the end with transportation to the airport and security, it will take about the same time.

It’s almost time to go home, but you still have one more night on the town. Just make sure to stay centrally to have easy access to the El Prato airport bus which takes about an hour. We like the Hotel Atlantis which is a clean and efficient stay in the heart of the city. Or try one of these centrally-located hotels perfect for short stays.

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A whirlwind tour? Yes, and very much not in step with the popular slow-travel movement. However, with stops in Barcelona, Seville, Córdoba, and Madrid, you’ll have a great introduction to the country and a much better idea of what Spain really is — a beautiful country with rich and diverse cultures and climates.

Your trip ideas for Spain

How would you organize a 10-day trip to Spain? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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