New routes to Paris: French Bee and Corsair launch cheap flights

Are you thinking of heading to Paris for 2020? You might want to start making your travel plans sooner than later. Two airlines based in France, French Bee and Corsair, have just announced that they will be launching new routes between Newark and Paris with rock-bottom prices starting next June.

I remember being a student and hoping I could book a flight on Air India between Newark and Paris, which was among the cheapest ways to get to and from France back then. Today, it seems like budget options are the norm whether it’s scoring a low-cost flight on Norwegian or Level or waiting for a flash sale from your favorite airline.

New cheap airline routes to Paris

First, French Bee, an airline that lays over in San Francisco on the way to Tahiti, announced it will begin brand-new service between Paris (ORY) and Newark (EWR), and the prices are pretty incredible. Almost unbelievable!

A one-way ticket begins at just $138 — no typo there! We played around with the website and landed a round trip ticket for under $300. Who’s ready to go? The flights begin on June 10, 2020, but bookings are available right now.

There are catches, of course, but budget travelers are likely used to these constraints by now. The “Basic” fare only includes a carry-on bag, but the weight is very generous at 26 pounds for your bag. If you want a little more for your money, you can upgrade to “Smart” which includes a checked bag (up to 50 pounds) and meals. Both classes include in-flight entertainment, PC and USB sockets at every seat, headrests with four positions, and LED ambient lighting in the cabin.



Corsair flights starting in 2020

Starting at the same time, in June 2020, Corsair, the French low-cost carrier to the Caribbean, will also fly between Newark and Paris. Prices and baggage allowances are comparable to French Bee, though meals are included. Corsair already flies to Paris from Miami and Montreal, so this will expand the transatlantic routes that they offer.

Arriving and departing from Orly Airport

Also, it’s important to note that both airlines arrive to and depart from Orly, Paris’s smaller airport located south of the city. Don’t let this tiny detail deter you because there are plenty of budget options to get into the city. You can take the RER train in less than 40 minutes for €12.05.

Future of budget airlines

With so many options between Paris and Newark, it seems too good to be true, but time will tell. Will French Bee and Corsair stick around and help keep the market competitive and prices low? Or will it go the way of my beloved Air India leg or more recently, Primera Air, which have both ceased to exist?

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