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Hi, My name is Rick Ingersoll. I have been playing the game since 2001, I founded this blog in October of 2007 and sold it to its current owners in January 2012. With the tricks of the trade others have taught and shared with me, I hope to share with you our travel story and how this hobby has been so significant in making this so affordable, My wife, Katy and I have visited over 70 countries, been to each of our 50 states and filled our scrapbooks with a lifetime of memories.

Retirement is hard for Type A personalities. After selling the blog I continued to play golf til my skillset became embarrassing to me. I walked the beach, went to the coffee shop and yes continued to travel. Maybe not the wild weeks on end adventures of days gone by, but we kept “Seeing the World at Prices We Could Afford”

I’ve missed the opportunity to share my story with so many of you, I got to know over the years, and am thrilled to make a small contribution again to the blog I started 12 years ago. I have been invited back to speak at the Chicago Seminars this year in October. I can’t believe we started that 10 years ago and hope to see some old familiar faces again.

I’m still asked all the time what my favorite credit card is. My answer is always the same.  That depends on where I’m using the card and if it is a new card that I’m working on meeting my required minimum spend.

I have a favorite card for paying my phone bill, internet and cable TV bill, and shopping at an office supply store. Another favorite for the grocery store and restaurants. And two, maybe just recently three more favorites for non-bonused category spending. And as always, the latest card I’ve gotten and am meeting the minimum spend on is the most important spending I can be doing at the time. We’ll cover all these “favorite credit cards” in the weeks to come.

And as far as what card is best for you as a new player, that depends on so many factors, like what your travel goals are, what airlines service your local airports and if you like to fly coach or are a premium cabin flyer.

I’ll be 70 years old by this time next year. Three times a Grandfather or Pop Pop. I’m still applying and being approved for travel credit cards ( I’m also mixing in cashback cards as well). My Equifax credit report is over 200 pages and long I can still say two very important things about my travel successes and philosophy.

“I have never been late on a payment”

and I still believe

“Your credit is one of your most important assets”

A special thanks to Jeremy for giving me another chance and Nathan Weber, Steve Belkin and Randy Petersen for getting me started on this life long obsession.

Next Post  One of my most looked forward to vacations ever. The Dolphin Experience with my grandkids at the Hilton Waikoloa Village. And how we’ll pull it off with Hilton cards and status.

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