How to save on New York City hotels

New York City is notoriously expensive to visit — especially when it comes to hotel prices. A basic room in a standard chain hotel that would cost $85 a night anywhere else in the country may soar to $250 or more when you book it in the Big Apple. So how can you save on New York City hotels?

Surprisingly, there are still plenty of good budget options in the city, including dozens of independently owned hotels, if you know where to look and if your timing is right. You might miss out on a few upscale amenities at these places, but you won’t mind with all of the money you save. Besides, you won’t be hanging around your room all day when you have a big city to go explore!

It’s important to pay close attention to details like location and when you book. We’ve compiled our top tips to show you the secret to booking an affordable hotel in NYC.

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The Hotel @ Times Square puts you right in the heart of Manhattan.

How to save on New York City hotels

Here are ten of our top tips for finding the right hotel room in New York City on a budget.

1. It’s all about location, location, location.

It may sound obvious, but where you plop yourself down at night should depend on what you want to see during your visit. If you’re intending to hit the top sightseeing spots in town (Empire State Building, Central Park, Wall Street, etc), then Manhattan is the obvious choice.

And even if Times Square doesn’t appeal to you, don’t overlook it. The neighborhood is crammed with hotels, which can lead to competition and drive down rates, and the subway access is second-to-none. (Check out this list of cheap hotels in Times Square and the Theater District.)

We also quite like the budget hotels in Greenwich Village and the West Village, as they’re further afield from the tourist action and still very convenient, day and night.

In short, by picking a central hotel, you’ll save money on transportation (especially expensive taxis and Ubers), and save time spent getting around. Sleeping in a far-off corner of the city might save you some cash, but it could also put shackles on your schedule.

Having said that…

The view from Courtyard by Marriott Long Island City is a doozy and it’s just a subway ride away from Midtown.

2. Consider looking beyond Manhattan

Remember that New York is comprised of five boroughs, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Although we always recommend that first-time visitors try booking a hotel in Manhattan first, there are excellent deals to be found in the outer boroughs. We recently did a round-up of a few cheap hotels in Brooklyn that we added to our hotel guide.

For example, if you find a room in Long Island City, Queens, or Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you’ll be just a quick subway ride from Manhattan. The photo above shows the view from the Courtyard by Marriott in Long Island City.

Search for hotels in the outer boroughs:
171 Hotels in Brooklyn
158 Hotels in Queens
19 Hotels in the Bronx
16 Hotels in Staten Island

Just be sure to double-check exactly where the hotel is located and if a subway station is nearby (meaning a 5-10 minute walk away).

And speaking of subways…

3. Stay near the subway

Choosing a hotel near a subway station accomplishes a number of goals for discerning Cheapos. On your arrival, you can skip the expensive taxi from the airport and take the subway to your hotel. If you don’t have a lot of luggage, it’s an easy way to get to your hotel, especially if you fly into JFK.

Once you’re checked in and ready to head off and explore the city, just get a MetroCard and the city is at your fingertips. Remember, in New York, the subway runs 24 hours a day!

Cheapo Pick: The Seafarers & International House is located one block from bustling Union Square where you can catch nine different subway lines!

Rooms at the Wellington Hotel, just around the corner from Carnegie Hall, drop to under $100 during the offseason.

4. Choose your dates wisely

Want to see the famous skating rink at Rockefeller Center on Thanksgiving weekend? Don’t expect a deal! The holiday season and summertime in NYC can see rates skyrocket, but if you’re flexible with your dates, and don’t mind coming in the off-season (especially from January to April), affordable hotels are easier to find than you think.

Just keep an eye out for big events on the calendar like Fashion Week (see dates) and the UN General Assembly in September.

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5. Plan a weekend getaway

Surprisingly, you might be able to enjoy a more affordable escape to New York on a weekend. With all of the business travelers coming for meetings during the week, rates can run higher on weekdays. Prices can spike on a Monday but fall on a Saturday. Spend a Saturday morning getting dim sum in Chinatown or a Sunday afternoon strolling along The High Line.

Cheapo Pick: Pod 51 offers small but very attractive rooms in the heart of Midtown for low rates. On weekend mornings you can get up early and beat the crowds at the renowned Ess-A-Bagel right around the corner!

6. Book a refundable room in advance

Many hotels allow reserving a room with the ability to cancel up to 24 hours in advance. If you find a great deal, book it right away!

Cheapo Pick: Booking a refundable room at the 3-star Sohotel only costs $10-20 more than the non-refundable option. This chic yet affordable stay is located in the fun Lower East Side neighborhood.

You can always cancel later on if you find something better. Or if you’re not one to plan way in advance…

The hip rooms at Hudson New York can be a deal if they have rooms available at the last minute.

7. Keep an eye out for last-minute deals

Sometimes good things come to those that wait. That’s not usually the standard rule for New York City hotels, but it’s always worth a shot. Depending on what’s going in the city, you can find some very nice deals a few days before you leave… or even at the very last minute!

8. Watch out for extra charges on your bill

Even if you see a hotel for $104 a night, it might not include all of the taxes and fees. That low rate can quickly rise to a very expensive final bill. In New York, there is a 14.75% hotel tax plus a flat fee of $3.50 per day.

When you book through EuroCheapo, these fees are included in the rate you see, so you won’t end up with unforeseen costs. Check out our favorite New York hotels under $100.

9. Consider a private room in a hostel

The word hostel usually conjures up images of sprawling rooms filled with bunk beds and a party-hard clientele. But Cheapos in search of a deal shouldn’t overlook hostels In New York. There are several hostels that offer private rooms for hostel prices in a more adult atmosphere.

Cheapo Pick: The Jane offers swanky rooms with spic-and-span shared baths in the West Village.

The shared co-ed bathrooms at The Jane Hotel are actually quite spiffy.

10. Share a bath

Speaking of hostels, there are still quite a few reliable places that offer bunks at deeply discounted prices. If you don’t mind sharing space — and a bathroom — then you can stay in Manhattan for less than $50 per night.

Cheapo Pick: A favorite is the HI NYC Hostel on the Upper West Side.

There are also a surprising amount of cheap hotels in Manhattan (such as the Pod 51 Hotel in Midtown and Hotel 31 in Murray Hill) that offer shared baths. If you don’t mind this, then you can save a few hundred dollars over the course of a week.

11. Don’t overlook smaller, independent hotels

We admit that chain hotels have a lot of advantages, especially when it comes to price. Manhattan is home to every chain hotel you can think of. However, nothing beats a memorable stay at a friendly independent hotel. There’s just something about the personal touches and human interaction that we really enjoy. We’ve waxed poetic about London’s wonderful family-run hotels and New York has a few to seek out as well.

Cheapo Picks: Hotel 414 is a cozy B&B with budget-friendly rooms and an easygoing staff in Hell’s Kitchen, while the Chelsea Pines is a fun spot with a super-friendly crew and decor dedicated to Hollywood’s Golden Age.

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