The New and Improved Amex Green Card

American Express has revamped the old standby lower-level charge card with a new offer and changes to their bonus categories and perks. Here’s my rundown of what’s new:

The card comes with a 30,000 point welcome offer after completing a simple and reasonable $2000 worth of spending in the first 3 months of card ownership. I found it interesting that the offer showed at 45,000 points if using a private browser window in either Safari or Firefox. It could just be a glitch but that’s how I applied and will let you know the end result when my points post.

They have increased the points earning on travel and dining categories to 3X from 2X and have broadened the definition of travel to include rideshare apps, public transit, and taxis. The dining 3X is available worldwide.

For those that apply before January 15, 2020, you will receive a new launch credit of $100 on the purchase of AWAY luggage. Act quickly. That is a limited time offer if you need new luggage.

To help offset the $150 annual fee the card offers a $100 credit on CLEAR which can help speed your way through the airport or events admissions. For those of you with TSA precheck, you can relate to how successful that program has become with the length of the TSA lines sometimes longer than the standard lines. Major airports and event venues can be more accessible, more quickly with CLEAR

And an annual $100 LoungeBuddy credit can help offset the cost of some peace and quiet in the airport with statements credits when you buy daily lounge access. There is no longer the need for a high-end credit card if you want access without a huge annual fee.

I used the Chat feature online with Amex to clarify if the card is considered a charge card or now a credit card. The rep told me it is a “hybrid” with the ability to use the “Pay over Time” feature. The other Amex charge cards also offer that option so IMHO it’s still a charge card.

And the newest most unique feature is the card is made out of recycled plastic to ease the strain on our environment. I’m glad to see American Express take a lead in this area. We should all be looking for ways to clean up that plastic waste.

Will I get the card? Yes, I applied and was approved. We are just not taking advantage of the lounge access provided on the high-end cards and this LoungeBuddy $100 credit really helps offset the annual fee. If you are a big city dweller or frequent event attendee, I know the CLEAR credit will come in handy as well.

Kudos to Amex for thinking and improving the card for the middle of the pack while looking out for the environment as well.

Enjoy your new American Express Green card

Source: frugal travel guy

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