The Apps I Use to Increase My Yield

When I started in this game it was really pretty simple. We found a credit card we wanted, applied and met the minimum spend to get our bonus. Now there are numerous add ons to increase our yield on every transaction.
The first addition was the introduction of online shopping portals that paid a bonus in cash back or gift cards if you clicked through the portal to the merchant you are shopping with.. Some of the old name portals are BeFrugal, Rakuten (formally Ebates), RebatesMe, and TopCashBack. With these portals, you earned the points from your credit card PLUS whatever the shopping portal offered.
Then the airlines and hotels added their own shopping portals to offer bonus miles or points for shopping in their captive portal. Again, points on your credit card and points from the portal went to you.
The next step was the Banks starting offering portals where you shopped in their portal, earned points on whatever credit card you were using and bonus points for shopping in the bank’s online store.
And now we find ourselves in the world of online apps, that you load onto your phone to earn even more miles, points, cashback, stock or stock in your merchant. Let’s run through a few of those:
The first one I added was IConsumer where you earn your credit card points but also stock in IConsumer. It currently trades at about 18 cents per share and has hired a retired Shark Tank star Kevin Harrington for marketing exposure. You earn 500 shares of stock for joining (that’s my referral link), 250 shares for each referral you sign up and of course the points you earn shopping at the portal based on price and merchant.  It only takes 1000 points total to transfer the points to the transfer agent then your brokerage account.
Next, I signed up for Dosh, Pei and Drop for their phone apps that are one and done experiences. When you link your credit card to the Dosh app and shop at one of their merchants and use your linked card, money flows into your Dosh account as well. It takes a total of $25 earned to redeem into your PayPal account and you can also earn $5 to $10 per referral. Katy and I each earned over $500 in two months using this app at Krogers and Sam’s Club while they had decent offers on the app. I understand that Sam’s is coming back again and we will soon see or already can see Walgreens on the app for additional earnings above and beyond your credit card earnings. Here’s a referral link to join Dosh https://link.dosh.cashRICHARI10  (I get a small referral if you join) In our market the PEI and Drop apps just did not produce enough income to continue with them. But check them out for your market as the merchants are constantly changing.
And the last app I signed up for was Bumped. I actually had to be on a waiting list as it is so new and they are uploading members slowly. With this app in addition to your credit card points earned, when you shop in their stores and use a linked credit card, you earn stock in the company you are shopping with. For example, if you spend $100 at Kroger every week, you’ll earn 50 cents in stock or .5%. Starbucks is 2% and gas stations appear to be .5% each as well. You get to pick which merchants you want to frequent and earn stock in. The numbers are small per trip, but its free stock and consistent users will be able to build a portfolio of their favorite stocks. McDonald’s and Burger King are there as well. Here’s my referral for Bumped  As far as I know there is no referral for me, but it moves you up on the waitlist being referred. I waited about two months to get the invitation to actually participate.
And the last one I want to go back to is Ebates (now Rakuten). It used to be cashback only but now offers American Express Membership Rewards points for shopping through their portal. You get $10 for joining here and earn on your credit card and Membership Rewards points from the portal. Here’s my referral link
I know it is a lot to process at one time, so start with the one that most interests you, try it out and add the next when you’re comfortable with the first one. Nothing beats double-dipping with every purchase you make. Well, triple dipping is fun as well.

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