FREE STOCK from Robinhood

Here’s your chance to pick up a free share of stock with about five minutes’ effort.

Robinhood is a free stock trading platform that is offering a free share of stock to anyone that downloads their app and signs up before January 1, 2020. I got a share of Sirius, and my wife got a free share of GoPro. There is a chance of receiving a much higher value share of stock as well. But as with all online apps, you’ve got to sign up. Here is my link:

I’ve used them in the past. They now trade stocks and options with no commissions and allow you to buy fractional shares if you are just starting out or on a tight budget with a purchase as small as $1.

And once you are signed up, you can refer others and receive a free share for each person that joins and a free 4th share after 3 signups. And  until the end of the year, that 4th free stock could be a high-value one like Berkshire Hathaway B (I’m sure), Apple ($271 current quote) or Facebook. You can do unlimited referrals until you have earned up to $500 of free stock per year. I got a share of Sorrento Therapeutics for referring my wife.

I love it when startups pay us to give them a try, like this one, SoFi and others, they are all trying to gain market share and have the advertising budgets to make it happen.

Save $40 on $100 of Expedia Activities

Nick at Frequent Miler posted this yesterday offering $50 off $100 on Expedia  Activities. Here is the link to Search for Activities. We don’t know the end date, but thanks Nick for sharing the find. The applicable code required is:


Every day something new, some new way to pick up a deal, new stock, miles, points or cash back. Keep reading and keep enjoying the freebies

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