A Nice Amex Offer From Lowes for a Quick and Easy $100

It seems more and more like American Express is filling my wallet with credit cards these days. Not only the great rewards offered in the form of Membership Rewards but the Amex Offers on each of their cards more than offset the application fee in a year’s time. This One is from Lowes and both Katy and I found it on our Amex Business Blue card with no annual fee. The offer is good until June 30, 2020.

If you use your eligible Amex card Lowes and Amex will give you 10% back on your purchase up to $100. Remember you can only activate it on one card each so we picked the Business Blue card that pays us 2 MR points per $.

By buying $1000 at Lowes in the first six months of the year, you’ll get a $100 credit on your card statement. I made a $306.95 purchase on each of our cards today. Each of us bought a $100 Amazon card with NO FEE and we each needed a gift card to send to our kids. The largest Visa card for sale at our Lowes is $200 with a $6.95 fee. There were also gas and restaurant cards galore available on the gift card rack with no fees.

We received notification that we had each used our Amex offer within minutes of my leaving the store.

Many people have been known to buy Amazon gift cards at Staples with no fee and earn 5X Ultimate Rewards on their purchases. This deal at Lowes at 10% is even better in my opinion. And it is all profit as there is no annual fee on the Amex Biz Blue card. I have four referrals available for the card where you get 15K MR points for meeting the minimum spend in 90 days. Email me at [email protected] if you’d like one. The public offer does not offer a sign-up bonus.

And If You Are Looking for a Little More Cash?

I can’t believe it but the SoFi App is still paying out sign-up bonus of $25 by funding a money account with $100. You get a 1.6% interest on your money, a free debit card and an easy and informative way to bank on your phone. I’ve had my account now for three months and every day it becomes more and more my “go-to” bank account. Here’s my referral so you get the $25 free:


I have finally found myself separating my funds for travel, from funds for everyday living. Some of these online apps have been very helpful. This is one of my favorites.

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