Caesars Limits Status Match Benefit from Wyndham Rewards


In an unannounced change to their website, Caesars Rewards announced they will no longer allow those who matched to Wyndham Rewards earn additional status in their rewards program.


Wyndham Rewards Status Must be Earned for Caesars Status Match

In a previous move, travelers who have high-tier hotel status with another loyalty program would be allowed to match their status with Wyndham Rewards and immediately benefit from the program. If those same travelers matched to Wyndham Rewards Platinum or Diamond level, they would be able to match to Diamond level with Caesars Rewards.


That double-match loophole is now closed for those dreaming of discounted hotels at a Caesars property. The new restriction on the Caesars website now reads: “You must have earned Tier Status with your current loyalty program in order for your status to be matched.  Caesars Rewards will not grant status to [Wyndham Rewards] members who came into the [Wyndham Rewards] program from a tier match promotion with other programs or who previously had recent Caesars Rewards status that was about to expire, and vice versa.”


Caesars Rewards members who currently have elite status can still match with Wyndham Rewards to all tiers in the hotel program.


In addition, some travelers are finding their status is being reduced under the new program. On the FlyerTalk forums, several FlyerTalkers say they have been downgraded from Caesars Rewards Diamond to Gold status for not earning tier status with Wyndham Rewards. Although the change was announced recently, FlyerTalkers say their requests for Diamond status have been denied as far back as February 2022.


In communications posted by FlyerTalkers on the forum, Caesars is reportedly telling affected travelers “We will be downgrading your account because you must have an earned Tier Status with your loyalty program to be successfully matched.” Other ways to earn status include purchasing it through programs like FoundersCard, or matching through DraftKings or FanDuel.

New Restrictions Part of an Overall New Strategy for Caesars Rewards

The new restriction matches other pullbacks made by Caesars on indirect spending. The Caesars Rewards Visa credit card will also shift rewards, including changing the card bonus categories from airlines, gas and grocery store purchases to dining, travel and entertainment, while reducing the number of Rewards Credits earned for spending at Caesars properties from five to two points per $1 spent using the card

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