Emergency Landing of LATAM Flight Caught from Multiple Angles


Aviation24.be reports LATAM Flight 4292 landed successfully after returning to MDE, without passengers suffering serious injuries.


Videos Shows Aircraft Landing, Passengers Bracing

According to data from FlightRadar24, the flight departed Medellin on March 29, 2022 without incident, bound for Cartagena Rafael Núñez International Airport (CTG). Shortly after takeoff, the pilots reported an issue with the front landing gear. The flight circled for 45 minutes south of the airport to burn fuel and determine the next move.


The nose gear wheel was locked in a 90-degree angle perpendicular to forward movement. After evaluating the situation, the pilots decided to return the aircraft to Medellin and attempt a landing.


Video captured on social media shows the Airbus A320 approaching the runway for landing, before touching down with the malfunctioning nose gear. Sparks and smoke are shown coming from the landing gear assembly, before the aircraft comes to a stop.




Another angle of the video shows the aircraft streaking down the runway immediately after landing, with the front gear shooting off sparks and smoke.



Aboard the aircraft, a video shared by a passenger shows flyers bracing in the crash position prior to the landing. The video shows a wave of concern come over the cabin, as the flyers appear uncertain of their fate.




Photos shared by the Columbian Civil Aviation Authority shows the front wheel sheared in half from the impact with the tarmac.




According to the authorities, the runway was shut down after landing to allow for passenger evacuation and response from emergency crews. No serious injuries were reported from the emergency landing.


The Civil Aviation Authority is currently investigating the incident. The LATAM U.S. website or social media accounts have not publicly commented on the landing.


Feature image courtesy: Colombian Civil Aviation Authority

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