In-Flight Hero Accuses Frontier of Being Unprepared for Emergencies


Raleigh NBC affiliate WRAL-TV reports flyer Seth Coley claims the carrier flew with an incomplete emergency kit, going so far to share his correspondence over the issue on social media to shed light on the issue.


Hero Claims Emergency Kit Did Not Have Airway Tools

The incident involving Coley took place aboard a Frontier flight in March 2022, traveling from Arizona to Las Vegas. When a passenger stopped breathing, flight attendants asked for passenger help. Coley is a trained wilderness first responder and immediately answered the call. By manipulating the passenger’s head, neck and airway, he was able to help the flyer breathe again and saved her life.


He says he was forced to do it without the help of an oropharyngeal or nasopharyngeal airway, a device designed to keep airways open and help individuals in distress breathe. He claims the onboard emergency kit did not contain either airway opening device.


Under federal law, any airline operating in the U.S. as of April 12, 2004, must carry an emergency kit which includes three sizes of oropharyngeal airways: one pediatric, one small adult and one large adult or equivalent. Coley says he called the carrier and sent an email to express his concerns but was only given generic responses. He even posted one of the responses to his Facebook page.



In a statement to WRAL, Frontier did not address Coley’s allegations. Instead, they noted that the multiple first-aid kits on aircraft have “several types of medication” to help flyers at altitude, and flight attendants are trained to seek the help of trained medical professionals in an emergency.


“It is a regulatory requirement to have specific emergency and first aid equipment on an aircraft and the required equipment is the same for all airlines,” the statement reads. “If any equipment is missing, a flight cannot be dispatched.”


Allegations Latest Issue Facing Frontier

This isn’t the first-time allegations over passenger protection were made about the Denver-based carrier. In September 2020, the Colorado Attorney General sought an U.S. Department of Transportation probe against the airline over their refund policies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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