Star Alliance Looks to Launch First Group Loyalty Credit Card


Bloomberg reports the group is planning to launch a co-branded credit card representing all of their carriers sometime in 2022.


Credit Card Will Allow Users to Choose Which Star Alliance Mileage Program to Earn

While flexible rewards points programs offered by credit card issuers – including American Express Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards – allow cardholders to transfer points to their favorite airlines, the number of options within an alliance is often limited. With the Star Alliance credit card, users can collect points which can be redeemed on any member airline. Air Canada, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and United Airlines are all members of the alliance.


In addition, the group is looking to add a “non-airline” partner in the near future. Executive Traveller reports Star Alliance chief executive Jeffrey Goh did not name the partner, but it is speculated to be a rail travel provider due to increased regulation in Europe.


Although the card would be the first to offer rewards across an entire alliance, there are several questions left to be answered. The executive did not announce how much points would be worth, if the card would have bonus categories, if it would include access to Star Alliance lounges, or how travelers would book their travel across the alliance.


Moreover, Goh did not offer insight on where in the world the card would launch first, nor did he announce which financial institution would provide the co-brand. However, if the card is successful in the first market, he said it will roll out “to the next market in the course of the year.”


New Credit Card Marks Latest Change in 2022 Loyalty Shifts

The Star Alliance credit card announcement marks the latest change in a rapidly evolving loyalty landscape across 2022. So far this year, American Airlines shifted earning loyalty status from miles flown to money spent, while Qatar Airways abandoned their loyalty miles in favor of IAG’s Avios.

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