United Flyers Say Delays & Cancellations Added $16K to Vacation


Washington, D.C. ABC affiliate WJLA reports the Virginia flyers are accusing the Chicago-based carrier and Star Alliance partner Air Canada of not only losing their luggage but also forcing them aboard more than five different flights.


Nightmare Trip Includes Delays, Cancellations and Lost Luggage 

Natalie Ramos told her story to the TV station, claiming the trouble started with their first flight. She says the family began planning the vacation to Athens two years prior and were looking forward to the getaway.


However, they say problems began when their flight was delayed due to mechanical issues at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). As a result, they missed their connection in Montreal to Athens, forcing them to re-route through Brussels and Zurich instead.


Once they arrived in Athens, Ramos claims the airline lost all of their luggage, including bags containing their clothes and laptop computers. When it came time to come back, the family says they experienced all the same issues – including a trip re-routed from Athens to Montreal, then Boston, Charlotte, before coming home to Virginia. Overall, they say what was supposed to be four flights ended up with over 90 boarding passes and $16,000 in unplanned expenses, including new clothes and $3,000 for a flight from Charlotte to IAD.


“We cried so much. All the kids were breaking down,” Ramos told WJLA. “They were exhausted. We were in the same clothes for over three days.”


Although Ramos is filing claims for the lost items with both the airline and her travel insurance provider, she is calling on both Air Canada and United to reimburse her for all the unplanned expenses. Until the claims come through, she says she’s forced to pay the credit card bills on her own.


The station reached out to both United and Air Canada for comment. While United did not provide a response, a spokesperson for Air Canada told WJLA: “As has been well reported in the media, the global air transport industry is currently challenged due to issues with airport capacity issues, airport-managed baggage systems and third-party providers of such services as passenger screening, customs, and air navigation. We are working hard with these partners and governments to resolve these issues as they are affecting the performance of airlines.”


Family’s Case Latest Accusation of Airlines Not Looking Out for Flyers

The Ramos family story is just the latest instance of flyers saying the airlines aren’t doing enough for them. In another vacation-related story, another family of travelers claim an ill-advised flight change from American Airlines forced them to spend $30,000 in changes.

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