TikTok Hotelier Says Stay Away from These Common Hotel Items


In a pair of videos posted to TikTok, a self-described hotelier spills several secrets from behind the scenes of hotel care – ranging from cleaning habits to how often items are cleaned.


Hotelier Secrets Include Dirty Carpets, Showers and…Towels?

The tips come from two videos shared by TikTok user “queenvangeline25,” who describes herself as a “hotelier looking to advise guests and event planners. Her first video outlined five things guests should never do in their room, ranging from adding all the guests to a reservation to avoiding the glassware in rooms.



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While cleaning the glassware and remote control are common knowledge for most frequent travelers, one of her best points is to sign up for every hotel’s loyalty program.


“Back in the day, you used to really have to let some of the points accumulate to actually use them for something good,” she says in the video. “But these days, they actually let you use them for other things, like Amazon.”


After getting over 58,000 likes on the social media platform, the hotel expert created a sequel sharing even more dirty room secrets. In the update – which has so far attracted over 10,000 likes – warns travelers not to walk barefoot anywhere in the hotel room.



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The hotel worker warns travelers to never walk around the hotel room barefoot, or use the shower without some form of foot protection. In addition, the expert warns people to be careful about using hotel towels or washcloths.


“Hundreds if not thousands of people have used that on their body,” she warns. “Not that they aren’t washed and sterilized, but having that many people come in close contact with their body parts and put it on me? No; I’m good.”


This isn’t the first time the platform ubiquitous for viral challenges and short-form music videos tried to protect flyers from hotel dangers. In 2020, a flight attendant went viral on TikTok for showcasing her routine when checking into any hotel.

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