United Drops $10 Million for Electric Air Taxis


The Chicago-based air carrier placed a $10 million pre-payment for the airframes, currently under development by aerospace company Archer Aviation.


Electronic Aircraft to Serve Population Centers in Last Mile Transportation


Although delivery is still likely several years off, the electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft are nearing reality. Archer says they have recently completed the aircraft’s preliminary design review phase, which will lead to the manufacturing of long lead time hardware.


Moreover, United is providing more than financial support to the company to bring the electric flights to life. In addition to the pre-payment, the carrier is working hand-in-hand with Archer through an advisory committee, made up of both companies’ maintenance, materials and engineering groups. The goal is to cooperate towards a seamless handoff from Archer to the airline’s fleet.


“I am incredibly proud of the entire Archer team as we reach this milestone in our partnership with United Airlines,” Adam Goldstein, CEO of Archer, said in a press release. “To receive a cash deposit is validation of Archer’s achievements to date, not only with flight testing and product development, but also a great signal of confidence in our roadmap to commercialization.”


The continued work on development of the eVTOL aircraft is the next step from a February 2021 agreement, where United and regional carrier Mesa Airlines agreed to invest in the technology. The plan calls for the electric aircraft to be delivered to United’s hubs to deliver passengers within 60 miles of the airport, with a delivery target of 2026.

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