Airbus Auction Gives AvGeeks a Chance to Buy A380 Parts


The Toulouse, France aerospace giant is hosting a three-day auction in October 2022, featuring some of the most iconic items from the gigantic airframe no longer in production.


Auction Items Feature Decorated Beverage Carts, Engine Rear Cone and Top Deck Bar

The auction will take place in three phases across three days, running from October 13 through 15, 2022. Each day will feature new items scrapped from an Emirates Airbus A380.


The first day will feature 117 lots, ranging from economy cabin seats with in-flight entertainment screens intact, to engine blades, to galley wastebaskets. The first day will also feature decorated galley carts decorated by local graffiti artists.


The second day of the auction features arguably the biggest item: A full business class cabin bar. The “marker” of the airliner requires at least 250 centimeters by 230 centimeters high by 200 centimeters deep to be erected in a home. Auctioneers expect the item to go for as much as 30,000 Euros (approximately $29,382) before shipping from France.


The auction will raise money for both the Airbus Foundation and the AIRitage association. The Airbus Foundation works to “facilitate charitable initiatives worldwide leveraging an international network of employees, associations and other organizations, supporting general interest projects,” while the AIRitage association works to “preserve the aerospace heritage.”


“Airbus is giving you the opportunity to own an authentic piece of the A380,” the auction site reads.
“The iconic legend that continues to demonstrate its extraordinary feat of engineering, technology and exceptional passenger experience.”


Each day’s auctions will open at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time and requires pre-registration on the auctioneer’s website.

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