Frontier Cuts Customer Service Telephone Line

However, the Denver-based carrier says all flyers can make contact with their agents to get help through the Frontier website or smartphone app.


Transitioning Customer Queries Online Part of a Wider Strategy

From now on, Marketplace reports that the only way for customers to make contact with the Denver-based carrier is via its support page. While this does feature a chat facility, customers will now need to file any concerns, complaints or feedback via this form. Users of Frontier’s app can also of course utilize this as an interface for contacting the airline. Frontier has explained that its decision to handle customer queries solely online is part of a wider move to embrace “digital communications”.


Frontier’s New Approach in Action

However, as the outlet reports, the decision to halt customer interactions by phone hasn’t gone down well with Frontier passenger Maria Fleming and her husband. The pair say that their luggage was lost in-transit on a recent flight from Chicago to Orlando. The Flemings rang Frontier’s customer service number, which directed all queries to the airline’s website or app. After trying both the website and the online chat bot, the Flemings were given an auto reply which asked them to wait 24 hours for further contact from the airline.


While it’s not apparent if the Flemings received resolution regarding their lost luggage, airline industry analyst Mike Arnot says there are some benefits to Frontier’s new approach, namely that when working digitally, “…a customer service agent can handle multiple queries through chat all at once”. However, he conceded that, for some customers, Frontier’s decision to stop handling queries over the phone could be frustrating.


However, The Points Guy’s David Slotnick took a more pragmatic view, saying, “The low-cost airline model has always been that there’s inconveniences or discomfort. But the idea is that people really won’t care as long as they’re getting the cheapest flight.”


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