Alaska Gives Expiring MVPs a Second Chance


The Seattle-based airline announced a 2023 Fast Track promotion, allowing current elite flyers a chance to keep their status by flying between January and April 2023.


Fast Track Challenge: Fly Between January and April 2023 to Keep Your Status

The challenge is offered to current Alaska Mileage Plan MVP, MVP Gold or MVP Gold 75K status holders who were unable to requalify for their status in the 2022 calendar year. It does not include those who participated in a status match challenge in 2022 and did not meet the requirements to keep status.


Under the 2023 Fast Track Challenge, flyers can re-earn their status through December 31, 2023, by flying and earning base miles between January 13 and April 13, 2023. The number of required miles depends on the status: MVP members must earn at least 5,000 miles, while MVP Gold members must gain a minimum of 10,000 miles. MVP Gold 75K members need 15,000 miles during that period to re-earn their status.


As part of the terms and conditions, flyers must travel on a minimum of two segments on Alaska marketed and operated flights. Award travel and bonus miles do not count towards the base mile requirements. Certain elite benefits will only be available after flyers complete the 2023 Fast Track promotion, such as Gold Guest Upgrades, Lounge Day Passes and MVP Gold 75K nominations. In addition, Alaska Mileage Plus members who renew their status this way are not eligible for either the 50,000 mile bonus or American Airlines System-Wide Upgrades bonuses.


Alaska Fast Track Goes Against Trend of Reducing Elite Numbers

Alaska’s move to keep their elites goes against the trend of programs making it more difficult for flyers to renew their status. Both American Airlines and Delta Air Lines changed their programs to require more spending and flying to earn status for the 2024 flying year.


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