Investigation Suggests Low-Cost Carriers Owe British Flyers $5.45 Million


An investigation by British magazine Which? suggests EasyJet, Ryanair, Tui and Wizz Air still owe flyers millions in unpaid compensation.


Group Reportedly Owes Money in over 3,600 Cases

According to the data cited by the magazine, the four airlines may still be involved in over 3,600 outstanding cases. Which? reports Wizz Air still has 1,601 “outstanding” cases in county courts, owing flyers over $2.6 million (£2.17 million GBP). Tui was reported to owe the second highest, with 313 cases valued at over $1.53 million (£1.26 GBP), while EasyJet and Ryanair allegedly owe less than $751,000 each across a combined total of 1,724 cases.


In comparison, Which? claims British Airways only has 82 active county court judgements for $116,262 (£96,042 GBP), while low-cost carrier Jet2 only has four “outstanding” cases for $1,735.91 (£1,434 GBP).


“The scale of court judgments piling up against major airlines is a result of a system where the odds are stacked against passengers and airlines feel empowered to routinely ignore their legal obligations to pay out refunds and compensation,” Rocio Concha, director of policy and advocacy for Which?, told Yahoo Finance UK. “The [UK Civil Aviation Authority] must get tough with airlines and make clear that it will consider using all the powers at its disposal — which may include reviewing the licenses of the worst offenders if appropriate.”


Some Carriers Say Their Court Cases are Clear

Despite the public records, some carriers say the data presented is not inherently correct. A spokesperson for EasyJet told the magazine they do not have any outstanding court balances, as they have paid all of their listed balances. Wizz Air spokespersons told Which? they settled 400 cases, and the third-party record is not currently up to date.


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