Booking a Last-Minute Flight? These Fares Won’t Break the Bank


Out of five major carriers – SpiritUnitedAmericanSouthwest, and Delta – the travel company’s analysis of some of the nation’s most popular domestic routes reveals which airline offers the cheapest fares if purchased last-minute. Upgraded Points’ study also revealed the cheapest last-minute fares based on the average available cost for a one-way ticket. In order to conduct its analysis, the website utilized data from the Official Airline Guide to pinpoint the nation’s ten most popular domestic routes. Upgraded Points sourced pricing information for these routes from Google Flights and recorded the lowest available one-way price for each carrier and route. The site then used this Google Flight data to calculate average cost.


Who is the cheapest?

So, who came out on top? That would be Spirit Airlines, which offers an average last-minute fare of $170.09 across the nation’s ten most popular routes, including a one-way ticket from Denver International Airport (DIA) to Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) for just $88.10. The study’s results also revealed that a last-minute single from LAS to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) costs an average of just $101.78.


In the runner-up slot is Southwest, which offers an average last-minute one-way fare of $233.72 across these ten most popular routes. For those looking to bag a bargain out of LAX, the airline offers a single fare to Maui’s Kahului Airport (OGG) for just $174.50. Also offering solid deals out of LAX is United, which sells a one-way to San Francisco for an average of $146.78.


Coast-to-coast bargains

For those looking for a bargain on the eastern seaboard, United also offers a one-way ticket from New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) to Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) for an average of $189.56. At $272.80 on average for a last-minute ticket, United came third in Upgraded Points’ rankings.


At $366.60 for a one-way ticket, American Airlines offers a reasonable price for those looking to travel last minute from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to LAX. However, Delta Airlines has been revealed as the priciest option for average last-minute tickets, with the carrier’s fares coming in at $369.12 – almost $200 ahead of Spirit.


Speaking of these results, Alex Miller, Upgraded Points founder, commented, “Last-minute trips are actually pretty common. Business obligations, family emergencies, or even that urge for a sudden weekend getaway – there are many reasons you might need to book a trip in a hurry. But unfortunately, most airlines charge a premium for not planning well in advance, so it can really cost you if you’re not looking in the right places.”


The study’s full results and a complete methodology can be found here.


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