Food Fight: Baseball Player’s Complaint Against United Sparks Online Debate


FlyerTalkers – as well as the rest of the internet – is debating who is at fault in the alleged case of a professional baseball player’s journey aboard United Airlines.


 Who Should Clean Up When Kids Spill the Popcorn?

The issue happened when Toronto Blue Jays player Anthony Bass sent a tweet about his in-flight experience aboard United. He was traveling with his family aboard the carrier, including his 22-week pregnant wife and two children, ages five and two.


During the flight, Bass claims his two-year-old spilled popcorn provided by United Airlines, sharing a picture of his children with the offending snack. In a tweet, Bass claims that the flight attendants made his pregnant wife clean up the mess, instead of doing it themselves.



When challenged by another on Twitter about who should have picked it up, Bass replied: “The cleaning crew they hire!”


Although the conundrum was not met with positive responses – with journalists, YouTubers, and even Congressional candidates scorning the baseball player – FlyerTalkers also had their own opinions. Those on the forums shared the same idea as many of the commenters on Twitter: If you make the mess, you have to clean it up.


“If you want a nanny, hire one,” writes FlyerTalker jsloan. “Expecting the flight attendant to clean up after your kids is beyond the pale.”


“This should have not come down to the FA asking the passenger to clean up the mess,” FlyerTalker HNLbasedFlyer notes. “You make a mess – take some personal responsibility and clean it up as best you can.”


FlyerTalker MatthewLAX was torn on the subject. “Yes, the mother should have cleaned up the mess her kids made, pregnant or not,” they write. “But that’s what the aircraft cleaners are for – if FA MADE her clean it up, I find that also problematic.”


Perhaps the most pointed comment comes from FlyerTalker cesco.g: “Guy on a million [dollay] salary lets his pregnant wife & 2 kids fly coach…”


In the end, Bass thanked everyone for their “support,” though little of it was found online. He also noted United was taking the matter up “with the flight attendant internally,” followed by a picture of his two-year-old holding a family size bag of popcorn.


United has not publicly commented on the accusations.


Where do you stand in the case of the spilled popcorn? Share your thoughts on the FlyerTalk Forums!

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