JetBlue Starts Serving Non-Alcoholic Beer In Flight


The New York-based airline is working with Athletic Brewing Company to become the first major U.S. carrier to offer a non-alcoholic beer this summer.


New JetBlue Beer Creates Non-Alcoholic, Gluten Free Option

While nearly airline serves beer, wine, and spirits at cruising altitude, they aren’t always the best options for flyers. During the pandemic, some airlines declared a temporary prohibition after alcohol-fueled travelers caused major disruptions. Moreover, alcohol may have more affect at high altitude. According to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, drinking a little too much in a flight might make you “seem more drunk in the air than you would on the ground after consuming the same amount of alcohol” because of the altitude, dry cabin air, and the diuretic affect.


Moreover, consumer research suggests more people are turning towards non-alcoholic options. A study conducted by Nielsen shows one-third of Americans want to drink less alcohol in 2023, while non-alcoholic beer sales are up this year.


To satisfy the demand, JetBlue is working with Athletic Brewing Company to offer an premium alternative option. The brewery’s “Upside Dawn Golden” is described as “crisp with floral and earthy notes,” brewed with Vienna malt and a combination of English and American hops. The beer is just 45 calories and 10 carbohydrates.


“We’re excited to take flight with JetBlue and allow flyers to relax at 35,000 feet with a great-tasting alternative to full-strength brews,” Bill Shufelt, Athletic Brewing co-founder & CEO, said in a press release. “This is a huge milestone for Athletic and a key partnership for us in the travel industry.”


Athletic’s Upside Dawn Golden Ale is for sale on JetBlue flights for $9 – the same price as other beers and alcoholic seltzers offered by the airline.


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