Would You Rent Clothes for Your Next Japan Trip?


The airline is launching a new trial of a service which will let travelers pack less and have a set of clothing guaranteed to be waiting for them upon arrival.


JAL “Sustainable” Service Lets Travelers Pack Less, Reducing Aircraft Weight

The new service is called “Any Wear, Anywhere,” and is part of a larger sustainability project for the carrier. Running for one year, the project will allow travelers to have clothes waiting for them upon arrival.


On the website, users can select a rental set of clothes up to one month before their departure. Travelers can select up to two weeks of clothes to be delivered to their hotel or rental home, like Airbnb. JAL flyers can choose between sets of clothes based on gender, season, and formality. Bundles range between the “basic” with three to four tops and two bottoms, or the “variety” with five to six tops and three bottoms. Starting prices for the clothes rentals run between roughly $35 and $48 (5,000 to 7,000 JPY).


The clothes come from gently used secondhand sources and overstocked items, saving them from landfills or incinerators. Each set of clothes is washed and ironed between uses, but travelers may be charged for lost or damaged items.


According to the airline and their partner, reducing baggage by 22 pounds and only packing the necessities reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from aircraft. In the case of flying between New York and Tokyo, the two claim the reduced weight cuts greenhouse gas exhaust by 7.5 kilograms.


“By expanding the use of [Anywhere, Any Wear], we aim to create an environment where travelers can use local options for all aspects of their clothing, food, and accommodation, transforming travel and business trips into more sustainable experiences,” the airline said in a statement. “JAL will monitor changes in passengers’ checked-in baggage weight and verify the reduction effect of carbon dioxide emissions by reduced airplane weight due to use of the Service.”


Partners in the new service include Sumitomo Corporation, WEFABRIK, and Hakuyosha.


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