Frontier Seeks More Flyers Through Status Match, While CEO Challenges Labor Force


While Frontier Airlines is trying to attract more flyers through status matches and easier ways to get elite status, carrier CEO Barry Biffle recently made comments suggesting “productivity changes” is hurting all aspects of his business.


Biffle: “We Got Lazy in COVID”

Yahoo! Finance reports Biffle’s comments were made during a Morgan Stanley investor conference. During an interview segment, the chief executive admonished the workforce who chose to work from home over coming into an office.


“We got lazy in COVID,” said Biffle, as quoted by Yahoo. “I mean seriously, people are still allowing people to work from home. All this silliness, right? All that’s out the window.”


In addition, Biffle said aircraft were not as full nor not as profitable compared to 2019 because of the work-from-home shift. He claims a lack of productivity is partially responsible for a reduced demand for air travel.


“When we look at overhead versus 2019 adjusted for capacity, it’s up dramatically,” Biffle said, according to Yahoo. “Why do I have more people per plane in overhead than I had in 2019? It’s because they’re not as productive.”


Frontier Looks Outside the Box to Attract More Flyers

Despite his accusations that the workforce is “not as productive,” Frontier is moving forward with an aggressive plan to attract more flyers to the ultra-low-cost carrier. The airline once again expanded their status match program for all tiers, including the top Elite 100K level. Now, Frontier will accept matches from 15 airlines, 15 hotels, and 15 cruise lines, including Carnival, Disney Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean. While a match to the Elite 100K level is available with proof of top-tier status at a competing airline, it is not available when matching with a hotel or cruise line. Applying for a status match with Frontier costs $99 for the Elite 20K and 50K levels, and $149 for the 100K level.


The Denver-based carrier is also offering two packages for flyers to buy their way to elite status before the end of 2023. Flyers can purchase Elite 20K status alone for $499 or combine it with a GoWild! All-You-Can-Fly Fall and Winter pass for $649. Purchased elite status will be valid through the end of 2024, while the pass is valid for select flights through February 29, 2024. Terms and conditions apply to both options.


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