What Happens When an Airline Makes a MAJOR Change to Your Return City?


The flyer posted his situation on Reddit, looking for advice on how to handle his unique situation.


Departing from San Diego, but Returning to Los Angeles?

The situation was first posted to the subreddit r/mildlyinfuriating with little context but a changed return flight. The screenshot showed that his flight was supposed to travel from Philadelphia to San Diego, but instead had been changed to go to Los Angeles instead. The distance between the two airports is over 100 miles.


Speaking to Newsweek, flyer Corey Chapman said he is scheduled for travel to Europe in December, with a return in January 2024. His trip was originally scheduled to start and end in San Diego, but a second check of his itinerary months ahead reflected the change both flights and destination airports. To add insult to injury, the flight was booked on miles.


“Having grown up on the East Coast and in Europe, I love trains!,” Chapman told another user on Reddit, when asked about taking a train between the two cities. “I just would never let an airline just change a flight I paid for (well, with miles) to a different destination.”


So what happened to cause the change to a completely different metro? A spokesperson for American Airlines told FlyerTalk it is due to an unfortunate chain of events.


According to the airline, Chapman was scheduled arrive from Europe to Philadelphia with around three hours to catch a continuing direct flight to San Diego. Since booking, a schedule change has made the flight unavailable, forcing the rerouting.


“We apologize for the schedule change that impacted Mr. Chapman’s upcoming travel plans,” the airline said in a statement to FlyerTalk. “A member of our team has reached out to address his concerns and provide the best available travel options to San Diego.”


American says they are waiting to hear from the flyer to either find an alternate routing or request a refund. It is unclear which direction Chapman will go. In one of his posts, he said he intended to ultimately get a return flight to San Diego.


“I’m gonna(sic) make them change it back to San Diego,” Chapman wrote on Reddit. “No way in hell I’m gonna(sic) let them force me to pay extra money and time because they changed me.”


How would you handle this situation? Get the best tips for working with American on the FlyerTalk Forums!

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