Japan Airlines Introduces New First Class, Business Class for A350


The flag carrier officially announced their First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy seats aboard their new long-haul aircraft on Monday, October 2, 2023.


First- and Business Class Transform to Personal Suites for A350-1000

In what has become a trend with premium airline products, both the First Class and Business Class products have been converted to suites for enhanced privacy. The aircraft will feature only six First Class suites, offering ample space through removing the overhead bins.


Illustration courtesy: Japan Airlines


Each First Class suite is fully enclosed with many of the amenities of home, including a wardrobe and 43-inch entertainment monitor. The seats can be converted to a single or double bed, with a total length of 80 inches for passenger comfort. All suites are configured with built-in headrest speakers, allowing guests to leave their headphones in the carry-on bag.


Illustration courtesy: Japan Airlines


The new Business Class seating offers 54 private suites with doors, increasing headroom by only offering overhead bins on the window sides. All seats can be converted to a 78-inch individual bed, with a 24-inch in-flight entertainment screen featuring the headrest speakers. While window suites offer the most privacy, traveling partners can spend time together by lowering a privacy partition on the middle suites.


Illustration courtesy: Japan Airlines


Premium economy will also feature additional privacy with larger headrest partitions and 42 inches of pitch. Seats will also feature electric footrests and a 16-inch in-flight entertainment screen. The Skytrax-award winning economy cabin will offer 13-inch in-flight entertainment centers and approximately 34 inches of pitch between seats.


Illustration courtesy: Japan Airlines


Japan Airlines is planning on offering the configuration on 13 A350-1000 airframes coming into the fleet. The flights will be operated as Japan Airlines Flights 5 and 6, operating on alternating days when the new service is launched.


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