After 26 Years, American Grounds Business Extra


In an e-mail to members and notice on their website, the Fort Worth-based airline announced they would begin to close the program in favor of a new business-focused plan.


So Long Business Extra, Hello AAdvantage Business

The current Business Extra program – run in connection with Oneworld partners British Airways, Iberia, and Japan Airlines – will come to a formal close on December 15, 2023. The 26-year-old program was open to many small and mid-size businesses, later adding a requirement of having a minimum of three unique travelers and $5,000 in spend over a rolling 12-month period to use points for flights, elite status, or Admirals Lounge access.


In its place is the AAdvantage Business program, open to anyone in the Business Extra. Business flyers can earn both AAdvantage points and additional Loyalty Points towards status, while the company earns AAdvantage miles. Flyers who also hold the CitiBusiness AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard can earn even more miles and Loyalty Points tied to business purchases.


Those who do convert their Business Extra account to a AAdvantage Business account can transfer their points into AAdvantage miles at the rate of six miles per one Business Extra point. Once complete, businesses must have a minimum of five unique travelers and $5,000 in qualifying travel spend to access those miles for awards.


Once the program closes, flyers will no longer be able to earn Business Extra points and will have limited ways to use them. Current award certificates can only be used through December 15, 2023, with any unused certificates converted back to points. After that date, points can either be converted to AAdvantage miles or donated to charity through January 31, 2024. Any unused points by that date will be forfeited.


The new program is currently open to American Airlines flyers in the United States and Canada. The airline plans to open AAdvantage Business to flyers in several other countries, including Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.


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