United Gets in Holiday Spirit with Romantic Comedy


United Airlines is surprising flyers with the launch of their own film, debuting online before the Thanksgiving holiday and aboard flights this year.


“Love In Plane Sight” Creates Connection in Denver

The film was shot on location at Denver International Airport (DEN) and aboard a United 777-200 aircraft, featuring airline employees working at the carrier’s fastest growing hub. The short film comes with everything one would expect from a holiday romantic comedy: A chance encounter, misguided connections, and a romantic hook by the end so that everyone can live happily ever after.



“Ms. Elle Towe has it all: A dream job as an astronomer and a trip home for the holidays on United Polaris® business class,” the short film description reads. “All she’s missing is love. But a chance encounter in the airport and connection at 35,000 feet just might change everything in United’s own holiday rom-com short.”


Reviews from various critics have been mixed, at best. The Washington Post points out several points which would drive them crazy, from the over-talkative seat mate, to the excessive exercising that would make one change seats.


Writing for Insider, Alexandra Karplus notes: “The only scenario in which I could see myself devoting another six minutes of my life to this movie is if I happened to be on a United flight over the holidays, had a screaming baby next to me, and forgot to pack literally any other form of entertainment.”


FlyerTalkers have not yet given their opinions on whether the six-minute short should be “Certified Fresh.” The film will be available on all United in-flight entertainment options in December 2023.


The United production is the latest example of brands using holiday films to get travelers into the spirit. Hilton Hotels is teaming up with The Hallmark Channel to offer a group of holiday suites in New York, Chicago, and other major cities.


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