Alaska Rolls Out “A More Rewarding Mileage Plan”


In a quiet update to the Alaska website and posted to the FlyerTalk Forums, the airline announced what the loyalty program will look like in the New Year.


Elite Status Based on Elite Qualifying Miles Without Minimum Alaska Flights

The biggest change for 2024 is how elite status is earned. Starting on January 1, 2024, flyers status will be based solely on the number of elite qualifying miles earned aboard Alaska and the carriers global partners. In addition, the airline is also eliminating the minimum flight requirements aboard Alaska Airlines’ flights.


Because elite status will only be earned through elite qualifying miles, flyers will no longer be able to become a Mileage Plan MVP through flown segments. The number of elite qualifying miles needed to reach the elite tiers will stay the same.


To help top-tier elites retain their status, the carrier will automatically roll over any elite qualifying miles earned by MVP Gold 100K flyers in 2023 to the 2024 qualification year. Gold 100K elites will also get additional options for their choice benefits, including 50,000 miles, gifting MVP Gold status to another person, complimentary internet access aboard Alaska flights, or complimentary Clear Plus membership.


Alaska flyers will also be able to earn elite qualifying miles from their credit card spend. During 2024, credit card holders can earn 4,000 elite qualifying miles for every $10,000 spent on the card. Using this method, Mileage Plan members can earn a total of 20,000 elite qualifying miles.


On the downside, the bonus mileage earnings for most elite flyers will drop in 2025. Mileage Plan MVP and MVP Gold 75K flyers will earn 25% fewer bonus points, while MVP Golds will drop from 100% to 50%. Top-tier MVP Gold 100K flyers will see no change to their elite bonus mile earnings.


Share your thoughts about the 2024 Alaska Mileage Plan changes on the FlyerTalk Forums.

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