American Gives AAdvantage to Members with 2024 Changes


The airline announced a new set of points earning opportunities, changes to the program, and new ways to use miles on Tuesday, January 9, 2024.


Some Benefits Become “Members Only,” While Airline Adds More Ways to Earn

The best news for frequent flyers is elite qualifying requirements won’t change. Flyers will still need to earn the same amount of Loyalty Points to earn status during the 2024 loyalty year. However, five benefits enjoyed by everyone will soon become members only benefits.


Starting on March 1, 2024, only AAdvantage members will be allowed to hold itineraries for 24 hours. Currently, the benefit is available to all flyers on certain itineraries. AAdvantage members will also be the only ones to request same-day standby without paying an additional fee.


For those who have a trip credit due to a trip cancellation, AAdvantage members will have an additional six months to use it compared to non-members. Buying lounge passes for both the Admiral’s Club and the Flagship Lounge will also become a member’s only benefit.


On the plus side, those who are AAdvantage members will have more ways to earn Loyalty Points in 2024. In addition to programs like AAdvantage Hotels and AAdvantage Events, flyers will be able to earn additional points when using cash to upgrade between cabins.


In addition, the program will add a new option to Loyalty Points rewards earned between status: Additional Loyalty Points. While the airline has not announced how many Loyalty Points flyers can earn at the milestones, AAdvantage members can start earning them after collecting 15,000 points.


Finally, the carrier is adding more ways to use miles when flying. At the airport, Platinum Pro flyers and above can use their miles to get Flagship First Dining passes. And for flights aboard certain airline partners, flyers will soon be able to use AAdvantage miles to upgrade classes. American has not announced which partners will be eligible for AAdvantage mile upgrades.


The move could be the last major announcement for airline loyalty this year. In 2023, both Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines made changes to their programs hoping to attract flyers in 2024.


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