American Trials Business Class Amenity Kit Swap


FlyerTalkers traveling aboard select business class international routes aboard American Airlines report a new experience for amenity kits: Cardboard boxes instead of the takeaway bag.


London Routes Give Cardboard Boxes to Business Class Flyers

According to FlyerTalkers, the cardboard boxes were distributed in business class aboard flights departing from London Heathrow Airport (LHR). Some of the flights include Heathrow to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT).


While the American amenity kits still feature cosmetics from D.S. & Durga, the bags have been replaced with boxes. FlyerTalkers surmise that the appearance of the new amenity kits is in a trial phase towards an “eco-friendlier” approach.


In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, airlines are closely considering what goes on their aircraft. Recyclable and weight-reducing options have taken the forefront, as a lighter airplane with less waste will save on both fuel costs and gas emissions.


So far, FlyerTalkers are not happy with the potential changes. Those on the forums not only lament the loss of the useful bags, but also find frustration in the quality of the contents inside.


“I concede I have amenity kit bags sitting in storage,” writes FlyerTalker twa777. “But I think the change would be easier to accept if the contents were upgraded.”


“The [Qatar Airways] amenity kit boxes look much nicer than the AA ones, I’ll give them that,” writes FlyerTalker marko_ys. “I wouldn’t be upset if AA moved over to boxes so much if they were made of higher quality, but of course…AA and cost cutting are best friends.”


FlyerTalker GrayAnderson offers a more pointed view on the issue: “So, a disposable cardboard box is supposed to be more reusable than the bags we’ve normally gotten? Does AA need drug testing at HQ?”


FlyerTalk reached out to American to ask about the new initiative, where flyers may expect to see the trial, and what kind of feedback the carrier wants from travelers. As of press time, the airline has not provided a comment.


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