India Biggest Market for New Aircraft in 2023


A new analysis by Visual Capitalist shows IndiGo and Air India ordered the most airframes in 2023, with a combined order total of 970.


India Carriers Eclipse Combined Orders of Leading U.S. Airlines

The reporting comes from both Airbus and Boeing’s order book between January and November 2023. From India alone, IndiGo ordered 500 new Airbus aircraft with a delivery timetable between 2030 and 2035, while Air India committed to a mix 470 aircraft from both Airbus and Boeing.


The mark is well over the two biggest orders from U.S.-based carriers: Southwest Airlines and United Airlines. Southwest will continue to operate a fleet of all-Boeing aircraft with 156 new orders last year, while United committed to a split, with 55% of aircraft coming from Airbus and 45% coming from Boeing.


Splitting orders between the two major aircraft manufacturers is becoming increasingly rare, as airlines are starting to favor one aircraft over another. International carriers Avalon, flydubai, Ryanair, and Saudia have ordered exclusively from Boeing in 2023, while Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, and Wizz Air ordered all airframes from Airbus. Emirates was the only other airline to split their order between the two major companies, with 90% coming from Boeing.


“Travel demand in India is projected to boom as the most populous country in the world continues to grow,” the analysis read. “India is the world’s third-biggest domestic aviation market and by 2042, its market is projected to be five times larger than 2019 levels.”


The orders come as the Boeing MAX project is once again under scrutiny after a door plug blew out in flight on a Boeing 737 MAX-9. In the United States, all 737 MAX-9 airframes have been grounded until the Federal Aviation Administration approves an inspection and repair plan from the manufacturer. Alaska Airlines and United are the only U.S. airlines currently operating the MAX-9.

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