British Airways Moves to Uniform Elite Earning Year


First seen on the FlyerTalk forums, the flag carrier will begin implementing a standard Tier Point collection period starting in 2025.


New Collection Year Standardizes Elite Status Expiration for Flyers

Prior to the change, a flyer’s collection period was based on when they signed up for an Executive Club account. For example: If a flyer joined Executive Club on June 10, their Tier Points collection year would run from that date until June 9 of the next year.


Starting now and becoming uniform on April 1, 2025, all flyers will begin their Tier Points collection year on April 1 with an ending on March 31 of the next year. The airline says putting everyone on the same schedule will make it “easier to manage travel plans for yourself, colleagues and family.”


While the change will take full effect next year, 2024 will serve as a transition period for flyers. As it stands now, no changes will be made to those who currently have tier status. Moreover, those who have a status expiration date beyond April 2025 will keep it until the expiration date.


For those who currently have a collection year that doesn’t align with the new calendar, the airline will offer an adjustment period for the 2025-26 year. For example: If a flyer has a collection period date that ends after April 1, 2025, they will still collect tier points for the period between their start date and March 31, 2025. From there, flyers will get a Tier Point Adjustment period between April 1 and their collection period end date. Any status earned through the adjustment period will be valid through April 30, 2026.


The changes only affect tier points towards loyalty status. There will be no changes to collecting Avios through flying aboard British Airways or other Oneworld partners.


Does the change make it easier for you to collect British Airways Executive Club status? Share your thoughts on the FlyerTalk forums.

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