Flyers Say They Would Switch Seats – For the Right Reason


But according to a new YouGov poll, many strangers would be happy to make the switch for the right reasons.


Spoiler alert: Cash isn’t one of them.


Top Reasons to Switch Seats is for Children, Spouses, or Upgrades

The poll asked 700 U.S. adults from the ages of 18 and over 65 about what it would take for them to switch seats with another passenger. In most cases, travelers could be willing to make an adjustment if it came to a spouse or family member, but not necessarily a friend.


Across the board, three-in-four flyers say they would give up their seat if a flyer wanted to sit next to a younger family member traveling with them. While those 30 and above are more likely to accept a swap, those 18-29 would only agree to it two-thirds of the time.


The number drops to two-thirds if a set of spouses are split on a flight. Once again, the 18-29 crowd say they would only swap seats nearly half the time, while those above 30 are most likely to agree to the change.


Seat changes are equally likely if a flyer is likely to end up in a better seat, such as a domestic premium economy seat or an exit row. Among everyone, 72% said they would agree to the change – but the youngest crowd and those over 65 would be less likely to do it.


Getting paid or wanting to sit next to a friend are the least likely scenarios for someone to change seats. Only 54% of flyers would take some form of compensation to change seats, while 52% said they would switch seats to sit next to a friend. Only four percent said they wouldn’t change a seat for any reason, with those between 18 and 44 the least likely to agree to a seat change.


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