5 Destinations Where Your Dollar Will Go Far

There’s nothing simple about world economies. However, the one simple rule that has been true for several decades is that American tourists benefit when the dollar is strong. American travelers can often make their money go three or four times as far when visiting popular destinations around the globe during strong-dollar seasons. Many people are setting their sights on international travel now that the dollar’s strength has reached a 30-year high. The current upswing that the dollar’s value is seeing is making right now a great time to see the world. What’s more, many business owners in countries around the world are more than happy to see those dollars being spent on food, lodging, entertainment, keepsakes and more. There are actually quite a few destinations out there that will give you some serious bang for your buck when planning a vacation. However, some offer especially robust experiences that you might want to take advantage of while the spending is good! Take a look at five incredible destinations where the dollar is strong.

South Africa

South Africa is famous for its port cities, beautiful nature preserves and status as a gateway to the rest of Africa. Tourists can enjoy the fact that $1 USD is equivalent to about R14 ZAR at the time of publication. That means that travelers can enjoy a meal at a high-end restaurant in Cape Town, a stay at a luxurious lodge in a game reserve and much more for a fraction of what they might pay for an adventure of equal exquisiteness in another destination.

Anyone looking to get away to South Africa may want to look closely at what United Airlines has to offer for tickets in 2020. United recently became the first carrier to offer direct service between New York/Newark and Cape Town, South Africa. Service officially began on Dec. 15 of 2019 on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. The new route cuts down on travel time between New York and Cape Town by about four hours.


Travel in Brazil can also be a bargain these days. The value of $1 USD is equivalent to roughly R$4 BRL at the time of publication. Visitors can enjoy luxury hotels and high-end restaurants for surprisingly low rates right now. Of course, there is another reason why Brazil should be on your radar if you’re looking for a fun destination to explore in Latin America. Brazil recently did away with its pricey entry visas for Americans! That means that you can play without paying! A visa waiver for American tourists is good for 90 days of travel.


Hungary should definitely make your list if you’re looking for a destination in Europe that can provide a cheap getaway. The value of $1 USD is equal to roughly 295 Ft HUF at the time of publication. That means you can explore all that there is to see and do in Budapest for what can seem like practically nothing if you snag some ultra-cheap airfare. The city’s thermal baths, amazing castles, Roman-era squares and pristine parks along the banks of the River Danube are pure magic!


Vietnam has historically been a pretty affordable vacation destination for Americans. However, the affordability is really off the charts at the moment. The conversion rate stands at $1 USD equaling roughly ₫23,000 VND at the time of publication. This jewel of Southeast Asia is famous for its Buddhist temples, vibrant cities, stunning rivers and beautiful beaches. Many visitors enjoy cave excursions, guided tours of the Mekong Delta and luxury golf resorts just outside of Vietnam’s small villages. The grand city of Hồ Chí Minh delights visitors with its bustling outdoor markets, glowing palaces and cathedral made entirely of materials imported from France! The one thing that consistently impresses American tourists is just how friendly and welcoming the atmosphere is for tourists from all over the world.


Mexico has been a favorite destination for “cheap” and sunny getaways among Americans for quite a while. The fact that Mexico offers such great beaches so close to the United States makes it easy to plan a luxurious cruise or long weekend at a resort. We’re seeing $1 USD equal roughly $18 MXN at the time of publication. The strong dollar combined with the fact that many resorts offer steep discounts at slow times of the year means that you can plan a very luxurious holiday in Mexico for very little money if you time everything correctly. Many travelers focus on the stunning white-sand beaches in spots like Cancún and Riviera Maya when planning Mexican getaways. In addition, spots like Los Cabos and Tulum also traditionally offer some pretty great deals. The fact that Mexico is experiencing a slowdown in its tourism industry at the moment could mean that you’ll essentially be able to name your price even when booking during spring break and other prime times of the year.

Plan Your Trip Around the Strong Dollar

This is a really opportune time to take a look at what’s available in terms of airfare and hotel rates if you’re interested in taking advantage of the strong dollar. All five of the destinations above are worth seeing even when the dollar isn’t quite so strong. However, the fact that you’ll be getting a built-in discount every time you book a room, pay for entry to an attraction, stop for a cup of coffee or pick up a trinket to bring back home should give you that extra incentive you need to get out there and see new parts of the world! Keep in mind that actual currency values and conversion rates fluctuate daily. However, you aren’t likely to see huge fluctuations that will totally disrupt your trip if you’re planning to travel within a few weeks or months of your booking date. You should always clarify any questions you have about booking charges when paying for hotel rooms, excursions, transportation or entry to attractions ahead of time in a foreign country. This will help you to ensure that you really are getting the best deal possible based on the dollar’s current strength.

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