Hotels Prime for Busy Leisure and Business Holiday Season


In the 2022 Holidays edition of the national Hotel Booking Index Survey, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) predicts 54% of leisure travelers will be booking a room in the next three months.


Leisure and Business Travel to Utilize Hotels More this Winter

Throughout the holiday season, more travelers say winter trips will involve spending time with friends, family and a hotel room. According to the survey, 31% of Thanksgiving travelers and 28% of Christmas travelers are planning to book a hotel stay, up nearly 10% from Thanksgiving 2021 and 5% above Christmas 2021.


Looking beyond the holiday season, leisure travelers who are set on traveling in the next three months will probably stay in a hotel. According to the index, 54% of leisure travelers in the next quarter are planning to book a room. Among business travelers taking to the roads and skies in the next three months, 49% said they are planning to stay in a hotel during their trip.


Hotels are regaining popularity as travelers say they are facing news challenges. While concerns over COVID-19 are decreasing, gas prices and inflation are becoming a factor on whether or not to travel. Among those weighing travel in the next three months, 85% said economic challenges – including inflation and high gas prices – were a consideration, while worries about the novel Coronavirus dropped to 70%.


Overall, there is both good news and bad news for flyers. While 61% responding to the Hotel Booking Index Survey say they are planning to take more leisure trips in 2023 leading to busier hotels, 64% also said they are concerned about airline delays or flight cancellations – leading two-thirds to say they would avoid air travel in the holiday season.


Hotel Booms Comes After FTC Considers Resort Fee Bust 

The potential boom for hotels comes as the Federal Trade Commission is considering a rule on “junk fees” across the travel sector. The agency is asking for public comment on potential rules focused on eliminating unavoidable fees not disclosed to travelers upfront, including resort fees at hotel properties.


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