United Adds Changes and “Enhancements” to MileagePlus Premier


As seen on the FlyerTalk forums, United Airlines announced a raft of changes and new features to the MileagePlus Premier Program for 2023.


Reverting Back to 2020 Standards…with a 2023 Bonus

Starting next year, the MileagePlus Premier program requirements will revert back to their 2020 standards. The adjustments made during the last two years, explained United, were brought about due to the unsettled nature of the sector during the pandemic. But while its standard program requirements will return for 2023, United has also clarified that it has added some new features to the MileagePlus Premier Program to make it easier for members to earn points and status.


With this in mind, United has said that it will kick off 2023 by depositing Premier qualifying points (PQP) into the accounts of its MileagePlus members. The number of points deposited will be based on member status as at the end of 2022 and all members – with the exception of those on trial status – will receive a bump up. An overview of the points each status is set to receive can be found here. United has also added that certain members will be given a points bonus again in 2024.


New PQP Earnings on Award Flights and Credit Cards, Plus Perks for Premier Members

In another enhancement, the airline has also explained that – when members use their MileagePlus Points on award flights operated by United or United Express – they can now earn Premier qualifying credits. Members can earn one PQP for every 100 redeemed miles plus one Premier qualifying flight (PQF) for every United or United Express journey. It’s possible to accrue PQP and PQF across all status levels, with eligible members also able to earn PQP from awards flights towards incremental PlusPoints status. For those interested, a full FAQ on PQPs is available here.


The airline has also increased the maximum points earned from 3,000 to 6,000 PQP for its United Quest card holders and from 4,000 to 8,000 PQP for its United Club Infinite card holders. Holders of the United MileagePlus Chase card can continue to earn 500 PQP for every $12,000 they spend. Additionally, United has tripled the number of PQP that can be earned across multiple eligible cards during the calendar year from 5,000 to 15,000.


Also, in line with its 2020 program standards, the airline’s Premier 1K members – holders of the highest MileagePlus status – can resume earning incremental points for every 3,000 PQP beyond 18,000 PQP as long as they have met Premier status in 2023. Rounding out these changes, United has also said that redeposit fees incurred while canceling award travel have been halted.


Explaining these changes, United said: “Whether you travel hundreds of miles each week, or a few thousand miles multiple times a year, we’re creating an even better MileagePlus Premier program designed to provide valuable benefits for all Premier members. Our 2023 Premier program gives you more opportunities to achieve status and elevate your travel experience.”


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