Research Reveals Many Vacationers Suffer Planner’s Remorse



According to research by AI travel assistant GuideGeek, it appears that not everyone is eagerly looking forward to their vacations.


Unhappy Travelers Traveling Around the Globe

The results of the study – conducted on behalf of GuideGeek by Southpaw Insights – indicate that an overwhelming majority of 63% of those surveyed have had a negative experience while planning a past vacation. Of these, a quarter said that they had ultimately regretted their choice of destination. Planning difficulties were given as the biggest block to a positive vacation experience, with 30% of respondents indicating these as their most significant barrier to a good time off.


Not surprisingly, 35% of parents who took part in the research confirmed that they found the process of researching and planning their vacations far too time-consuming. On the back of this, 28% of this cohort confirmed that they were not happy with their choice of activities on vacation, with an additional quarter reporting that they felt that they had wasted their time trying to plan and find activities while actually on vacation. A final 23% of those surveyed felt that their final choice of destination was a poor fit for the rest of those in their traveling party.


Anxiety When Considering New Destinations

Further research by GuideGeek – which utilizes ChatGPT technology to provide personalized travel recommendations – indicates that an overwhelming 90% of Americans feel discouraged when considering traveling to new destinations. Excluding cost, 40% of respondents said that safety and security concerns were enough to dissuade them from traveling to a particular place, while 26% said that they were unable to take vacation time because they could not get approval from their employer.


Finally, 22% percent of those surveyed said that a lack of knowledge of a certain place dissuaded them from going to a particular destination. The same percentage of respondents said that a fear of the unknown and indecision over their destination of choice stopped them from traveling to new places.


Commenting on the results, GuideGeek creator Ross Borden, said, “Once consumers gain more experience with AI, they will find their travel planning and vacations will dramatically and instantly improve. Whether they are inquiring about a single aspect of their trip, a full itinerary, or last-second change in plans while at their destination, their travel will be customized and easy to plan, rather than random and limited to what they can find sifting through search engines.”


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