Which Airlines do Flyers Avoid the Most?



New research by The Vacationer revealed that there are certain airlines that Americans do their best to avoid using – irrespective of attractive fare price, convenience of schedule or basically under any other circumstances.


Who Took the Infamous Top Spot?

This anonymous survey – in which 1,021 adults aged 18 or over participated – revealed that Spirit Airlines is the nation’s most-avoided airline, with 21.06% of participants signaling that they gave the airline a wide berth. In the second and third most-avoided spots came Allegiant Air, which garnered 16.36% percent of the vote, and American Airlines, which received 14.40% of the vote.


]Following on at a very close fourth place was Frontier Airlines, which 14.30% of surveyed travelers said that they did their best to avoid. As for the least avoided airline? That coveted spot goes Hawaiian, which received just 5.48% of responses from among those polled.


The results of the survey – the full methodology of which is available to view here – was analyzed by Eric Jones, a professor of mathematics and statistics at Rowan College South Jersey and co-founder and head of operations at The Vacationer. This research comes off the back of the website’s 2023 Summer Travel Survey, which revealed that over half of Americans planned to travel during the peak season.


While the results indicated some strong preferences concerning the specific airlines that certain participants refused to patronize, the site’s research further revealed some interesting demographic insights among respondents.


Research Reveals Further Demographic Insights

For example, women were more likely than men to keep their options open in terms of their preferred carriers. When asked, “Which of these airlines do you avoid flying on at all costs?”, 50.93% confirmed that they avoided flying none of the ten given choices of airline, but as Professor Jones clarified, while women are less likely than their male counterparts to avoid none of these carriers, “…the two airlines they did say they avoid more often than men are Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines.”


Additionally, 24.28% of respondents over 60 years of age confirmed that they avoided none of the ten choices of airline because the ability to access flights at dates and times convenient to them was of primary importance when selecting a carrier. But going back to that infamous top spot, the results are clear. “The number one most avoided airline at all costs for every age group was Spirit Airlines,” says Professor Jones.

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