American Adds HEAT to Keep Summer Schedule Smooth


American Airlines is deploying a new tool to their Integrated Operations Center to help keep travelers moving despite potential disruptions: The Hub Efficiency Analytics Tool, or HEAT.


HEAT Promises to Optimize Schedules to Keep Crews and Flyers Going

Throughout the summer, pop-up thunderstorms and other natural weather phenomenon can lead to ground holds at airports across the United States, leading to significant delays and cancellations. Earlier in 2023, United Airlines chief executive Scott Kirby blamed the Federal Aviation Administration for mismanaging air traffic control issues over weather concerns.


To ensure operations keep moving smoothly, American is turning to HEAT. According to the airline, the technology “dynamically moves our flight schedules around to ensure that customers, crews and aircraft keep moving when weather threatens to disrupt our schedule.”



The tool continually monitors the airline’s operations against weather conditions across the United States, while considering factors including air traffic control issues, crew constraints, gate availability, and customer connections. With all the information, advanced algorithms will change arrival and departure times around the airline’s hub airports to keep flights moving smoothly.


American claims since deploying the software, they were able to prevent around 1,000 cancellations across the network. However, the company says the technology will continue to improve over time and with additional practice.


“HEAT is an innovative tool and part of our irregular operations playbook that will only get smarter with use,” Timothy Niznik, American’s director of integrated operations center analytics, said in a press release. “Each time we run HEAT, we analyze the results, and incorporate those findings so we can continue to improve the strategies and technology that help keep our operation moving.”


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