White House Seeks Consumer Protections in FAA Reauthorization Bill


Reuters reports the White House and Democrats are pushing for additional consumer protections to be included with the FAA Reauthorization Bill currently being debated.


Protections Include Airfare Transparency, Compensation for Controllable Delays

The FAA Reauthorization Bill not only continues to reaffirm the Federal Aviation Administration’s authority over civil aviation, but usually includes several additional provisions related to aviation infrastructure and consumer protections. However, this year’s bill excludes one idea pushed by the White House and potentially strips back another.


Authors of the bill are seeking to repeal an airfare transparency rule added in 2012, requiring airlines and travel agencies to advertise the full price of an airline ticket including taxes and fees. While Democrats are trying to force an amendment vote to retain the policy, there’s no guarantee it will make the final bill.


Another initiative the White House is trying to pass down into the bill is compensation for controllable flight delays or cancellations. Outlined earlier in 2023, the goal was to create a policy similar to EC 261/2004, which requires airlines to offer cash payments to passengers if flyers are delayed by three hours or more. The policy has been opposed by several organizations, including the International Air Transport Association.


While both the White House and U.S. Department of Transportation are working on consumer protection rules, adding them to the FAA Reauthorization Bill would potentially add enforcement authority. The Transportation Department is still working on rules which would require airlines to provide a hotel room and meals for some delays, but many of the airlines made this a voluntary public policy in August 2022.

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