Swiss Crew Caught Dancing on Wing During Argentina Stop


Switzerland’s “20 Minutes” reports the incident happened as the aircraft was being reset to continue from Argentina to Brazil, then back to Zurich.


Flight Attendants Seen Dancing, Posing on Aircraft Wing

The video was originally posted to Instagram by the user “spottersbrazil.” It was ultimately taken down, but archived copies remain on the internet.


The clip uploaded to the news website shows various members of the cabin crew posing and dancing on the wing of a SWISS Boeing 777 while at Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE). The video was taken from within the airport terminal.


At one point, a woman exits from the emergency door and appears to twirl and pose for someone taking pictures inside. A male flight attendant joins her for another picture. Late in the video, another male flight crew member climbs out of the door and onto the wing to make several poses.


The video shows a violation of airline policies, as crews are only allowed on the wings in an emergency. The incident also presented even more danger as the flight crew were not wearing safety harnesses. If they were to fall, it would be a 16-foot drop to the ground. It is unclear if the crew were allowed to continue working on the further flights to Brazil and then Zurich, but a spokesperson for the Lufthansa Group-owned airline suggested there would be disciplinary action in the future.


“The behavior of the employees in the video does not meet our security requirements, nor does it reflect the high level of professionalism of our employees,” a company spokesperson told the news site, translated from German to English. “In this case, individual crew members did not perform their role model function. We cannot approve of this.”


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