United Adds Credit Card Spending to Earn Premier Qualifying Points


The airline announced more ways to earn loyalty points without increasing the number required to reach status tiers.


Credit Card Earned Points Count Towards All Status with No Annual Cap

In previous years, United flyers who had a Chase co-branded credit card could earn a limited number of Premier Qualifying Points with their spending at a maximum of up to 15,000 points annually. Coming in 2024, that will all change.


At the start of the year, cardholders will earn 25 premier qualifying points for every $500 in qualifying card spend on eligible MileagePlus credit cards. In addition, all qualifying points earned from spending will count towards all elite status, including the top-tier Premier 1K.


In addition, the number of points flyers can earn from their spending is increasing. On the United Club Infinite Card, cardholders will be able to earn 10,000 Premier qualifying points from qualifying purchases, an increase of 2,000 points compared to 2023. Finally, the airline is also removing the annual cap of 15,000 Premier qualifying points from spending across all Chase United cards, allowing travelers to earn infinite points towards their future status.


To help current elite flyers get a head start on their 2024 goals, United is offering a starting bonus to open the year. Silver flyers will get 250 starting points, Gold flyers will get 500 points, Platinum flyers will receive 750 points, while Premier 1K elites will get a head start of 1,250 points.


The number of points or flights required to earn status will not change for the coming loyalty year. Each tier will continue to have the option to earn status on a combination of flights and points, or just on points alone.


Changes Mirror Larger Trends in Airline Loyalty

United’s shift for the 2024 year matches a larger trend in aviation loyalty programs. Delta Air Lines recently made changes to their program in 2024 which will see flyers earn Medallion status based on spending alone.


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