Hilton and Hallmark Open “Countdown to Christmas” Suites


Hilton is teaming up with The Hallmark Channel to offer suites decked out with all things Christmas at their hotels in New York City, Chicago, and Houston.


Travelers can Celebrate “Countdown to Christmas” with Special Decor and Gifts

The specially decorated suites began welcoming guests on November 7, 2023, with the Hilton New York Times Square celebrating their first booking on November 9. The three suites are uniquely decorated to reflect their destinations and some Hallmark Channel movies.


In New York, The Hilton New York Times Square is offering guests the sweetest of suites. Decorated with cotton-candy pink Christmas trees, peppermints, and candy canes, the room seeks to inspire guests to indulge their sweet tooth and enjoy all the treats of that December can provide.



In Houston, the Hilton Americas is celebrating the essence of the Hallmark premiere of “Haul Out the Holly” starring Lacey Chabert. Featuring light pillows, a gingerbread bar and a custom holiday light decorating station, the room celebrates how the right décor can make any space feel like home.


Finally, the holiday suite at the Hilton Chicago is dedicated to all things Santa Claus. With vintage Santas and lifesize reindeer decorations, combined with a cookie kit and wall installation dedicated to writing letters to Santa, anyone who loves the magic of Christmas will appreciate this suite. Guests can even work to find Santa’s missing coat buttons in order to earn a treat from the Hallmark Holiday Cart.


The suites will be available to book until the end of 2023. with each option ending between December 30, 2023. and January 2. 2024.


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Photos: Joe Cortez for FlyerTalk. 

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